Today’s electric utility environment requires a well-trained work force to maintain a streamlined operation and provide superior customer service. In addition, utility leaders know the importance of reducing risk by achieving compliance requirements. Line Design University offers electric utilities the training to improve your environment in compliance, line design and customer service.

Line Design University uses the engineering compliance and best practice approach to improve the line design environment. We will let you know if your utility requires a Certificate of Authorization and provide your line design technicians the training to improve their line design skills and be positioned to pass the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies Line Design Certification program. This certification program is administered and scored in a similar manner as the professional engineer’s examination process. Line design technicians can include credentials after their name and will be required to obtain ongoing training once they are certified.

Employees are the most important asset in the electric utility industry and are very critical in providing superior customer service. Line Design University offers an array of related customer service programs to develop your internal and external customer skills. Our customer service, telephone answering and new employee orientation training programs are custom designed to meet your needs. Contact us to obtain credentials for a complimentary on-line Customer Service Assessment. We will assess your environment and make recommendations to improve your customer service needs.