Automated Staking Sheet Providers

The leading automated staking sheet providers created a relationship with Utility Line Design to develop a web interface to produce a Profile Drawing and Engineering Report on multiple line design calculations per span.  Professional engineers can now review and approve designs before construction as identified in the federal regulation and state engineering statutes.  The engineering report allows line design technicians to correct any design deficiencies on the staking sheet.  All line design calculations are based on true ruling spans and true sag and tension information.  Each line section is unique, and sag and tension charts are based on aeolian vibration criteria established by the professional engineer.  The following line design calculations are either completed or will soon be implemented in the near future.

  • Phase, neutral and secondary vertical ground clearances
  • Conductor uplift
  • Clearance between conductors
  • Pole strength
  • Insulator strength
  • Conductor gallop
  • Guying
  • Horizontal clearance to obstacles
  • Crossarm strength
  • Telecom attachments

The following automated staking sheet providers will work in cooperation with Line Design University, Utility Line Design, consulting firms and electric distribution utilities to develop innovative programs to achieve a successful Public Safety program:

  • National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)
  • Partner Software
  • Futura Systems