Telecommunication Consulting Firms

It is very difficult to predict the behavior of telecommunication conductors to determine the proper location of foreign attachments to obtain minimum clearance between conductors and vertical ground clearance along the span.  Obtaining proper sag and tension information, and following a structured engineering protocol will increase the probability of compliant joint use designs and installations.  Typical tasks telecommunication consultants can assist in your designs include:

  • Identify the address and telephone number of telecommunication companies
  • Identify the professional engineer for the selected telecommunication company
  • Identify size and type of telecommunication cables attached to existing distribution structures
  • Perform joint use designs on new and existing installation
  • Act as liaison to communicate joint use attachment deficiencies and recommend alternatives with the telecommunication engineer

Line Design University endorses the following telecommunication firm to assist you in improving your joint use designs

  • Compass Consultants, Inc.  (national)